The hotel is hidden on the fringe of Ubud, overlooking the Tjampuhan Valley amid fenceless fields carved out of hillsides backed by the curve of coconut palms and banyan trees wrapped in vines.

The river Oos runs below; to one side stands a mountain. This topography concentrates both magic and energy in the whispering grass concealing Uma Ubud.

Expect not to be disturbed by the sound of traffic, but the laughter of villagers in pinks, blues and oranges, picking through the Edenic countryside.

Birds cluster in the highest branches. Light floods the open ground, picking out an orchid among the velvet grasses. At night, dew begins to settle, lifting softly with the wisps of morning cloud.


Jl. Raya Sanggingan, Banjar Lungsiakan, Kedewatan 
Ubud - Bali - Indonesia